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#FridayFeature: Lucy Blooms, Floral Studio, Northampton, MA

Vibrant. Mesmerizing. Radiant. Emotion Provoking. Storytelling. Custom. These are some of the words that come to mind when you think Lucy Blooms, a bespoke floral design studio located in the heart of Northampton, Massachusetts and this week’s #FridayFeature.

Clarissa Marchia, founder, blossomed her company on the idea that, “ other florist in this area was executing (what I envisioned). I wanted flowers to be fun, colorful and creative - similar to what you'd find if you visited large, metropolitan areas like New York and Los Angeles. I was tired of seeing "traditional" flower designs and wanted to create something from the heart for each of my clients.” Clarissa wants to feel connected to each client through each custom piece she creates, from flower crowns and vased bouquets to elaborate wedding designs, Lucy Blooms, covers all bases, large and small.

A big portion of Lucy Blooms’ current clientele are engaged couples looking to set the mood at their wedding through flowers. When working together with a client, Clarissa, above all else, wants to convey the idea that she is, “translating your love story into flowers.” This connection is accomplished by getting to know the couple she is working with, understanding the facets of their own unique love story and translating that through her creative endeavors with floral design. Clarissa also offers services centered around specialty event design, intimate educational workshops, community collaboration initiatives and everyday flower bouquet and arrangement deliveries.

The heart of Lucy Blooms is derived from the passion and creativity that makes up who Clarissa is at her core. She has an imaginative spirit that shows through in the conversations she has with clients, the pieces she creates and her overall aura. She is an artist with a true love for the business she has built through Lucy Blooms.

With any innate passion comes a drive to expand your vision and plans for the future. Clarissa is not short on plans when it comes to expanding Lucy Bloom’s presence across the country. She loves that the birth of her company began in a city robust in the arts but would love to see Lucy Blooms evolve to encompass clients on both the east and west coasts. She would love to take Lucy Blooms to California and lay down some roots in a larger city with even larger opportunities. Her sights are also set on other future goals to include booking more international weddings, dabbling in designing for editorial, finding a creative tribe of professionals and moving to a larger studio to aid in the expansion she is determined to have. For now, though, she is loving every aspect of being her own boss and executing her design style for her business based on her sole vision. Clarissa’s favorite part of owning Lucy Blooms is the ability to be as creative as she wants, and her designs and creations speak volumes to that.

Clarissa brings art to life with each floral masterpiece. To learn more about her and Lucy Blooms, be sure to visit her site. Remember, flowers brighten anyone’s day, even if there is no special occasion around the corner. Work with Clarissa to send “just because” flowers today.

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