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#Friday Feature: Corrin Halford, Artist, Easthampton, MA

There are certain people that are born with an innate need to create. For them, creating is healing; bringing a sense of peace and purpose within their passion. Corrin Halford, mixed media artist from Easthampton, Massachusetts, is one of those people.

From as far as she can remember, Corrin has felt a creative pull from her soul. She has dabbled in various forms of art to try and satisfy her notion, but nothing brought her more joy than expressing herself through mixed media painting. This type of painting combines a variety of materials and methods to complete each piece. From canvases to furniture, she has painted it all. Corrin began her professional journey in artistry as a photographer, graduating from college with a degree to solidify her love of all things photo related. She spent years as a freelance photographer, shooting various subjects and scenes. Although she has moved away from photography as her full-time gig, she still finds time to venture out with her camera snapping scenes of people and places that bring her happiness. She uses some of those photos as inspiration for her paintings.

Corrin is self-taught when it comes to painting. No matter the canvas or material she is bringing to life, she always finishes them the same way, with a coat of epoxy resin. She is obsessed with the glossy, glass-like finish it leaves. According to her, it brings a sense of completion to the piece, pulling all of the elements together. When asked about her creative process, Corrin says, “I never know how my finished piece will look in its entirety. I rely solely on my creative juices to flow through the process.”

Each piece Corrin creates is unique. From vibrant bursts of the rainbow to deep and dark soul-filled pieces, her variety seems endless. She loves the one-of-a-kind vibe that goes into each creation. She hopes that her finished pieces bring an emotion to each purchaser that they wouldn’t otherwise have without it hanging on their wall or taking up residence in their home. She likes to work with interested clients on pieces that are just for them; from colors to materials, she customizes paintings to fit your theme or mood.

Art brings beauty to life and Corrin does just that! Her vibrant personality and caring nature add to the vibe you experience when collaborating with Corrin. To check out her full collection give her a follow on Instagram. You should also visit her Etsy page to begin your purchase on one of her exclusive custom pieces.

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