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"You're Beautiful as Both" is an inclusive children's book that celebrates the beautiful depths of being a mixed-race Hispanic-American.


Through rhyme, rhythm, and English and Spanish word usage, a child will feel included and empowered while recognizing and celebrating some of their favorite things.


From cultural foods like sancocho and traditional dances like merengue to recognizable flags and monuments, this book covers many colorful aspects of being a Hispanic-American child in today's world in a simple and fun way.


A great read for those who want to learn more about Latinx culture. 


Back of Book Text: 

My child, with your curly locks and eyes a twinkly hue, you were born to do big things with all that’s mixed in you. 


Diving into the everyday details that make each day in a child’s world so special, we wholeheartedly celebrate the perfect collision of two deeply meaningful cultures. 


We vividly embrace all that it means to be a colorfully rich mixed-race Hispanic-American in today’s world through the eyes of a child.

Hermosos niños- It’s time to celebrate and share your glorious heritage with the world!



Book Details:

Hardcover with dust jacket

Size = 9" x 7" landscape


You're Beautiful as Both-Hardcover

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