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Resume Your Way to the Job You Desire

Are you looking to score your dream job? Trying to change career paths? Looking for an employer who values you and gives you the pay and attention you deserve? Or maybe you’re moving across the country and want to find a new job at your new locale before you head out on your journey?

All of these life changes have one thing in common: you need a solid, brief and clean resume to present who you are, in words, to your prospective employer before you even land an interview. As a person who has personally reviewed thousands of resumes, interviewed hundreds of candidates and proposed offer letters to new hires I know what it takes to prove who you are in words.

Here are a few tips to consider when you are applying for a new job:

1. Read the job description from beginning to end! If an employer asks for a cover letter along with your resume, be sure to include this! Lack of follow through is a big no-win!

2. Tailor your resume to meet the needs and requirements of the job you are applying to. This does not mean that you should fabricate who you are or what you’ve done, but rather use your current skill set to play into the position you want with your prospective employer.

3. Be concise! Keep your resume to one page. Employers do not want to read pages of job history or skills (nor do they have time to!). The first few lines of a newspaper article are the most important for a reason- it grabs the readers attention. Do the same with your resume!

4. Clean it up! Neatness is key. If it’s not formatted correctly, has a lot of spelling or punctuation errors or is all muddled together with no telltale sign of precision this is a RED FLAG to employers. This automatically shows them that you do not have a strong attention to details- a key skill in EVERY job on the planet! Proofread! Proofread! And then proofread some more!

Need help with updating your current resume or creating a new resume and/or cover letter? Contact Cat today!


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