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Motivational Mon-daze

Picture this: it’s 5:00am on a Monday morning. Your alarm sounds loudly from your nightstand next to you. You roll over slowly, grasping for your phone in the dark, trying desperately to hit the snooze button to give you just eight more minutes of sleep. That’s all you need. 8 more. Just 8. Eight minutes flies by in what feels like the blink of an eye and you’re desperately wishing you could have 8 more minutes. Just 8. Does this sound familiar? Have you been victim to the snooze alarm and the whole “wake up early, get ready for work” idea? Most of us have. You know what day it hurts the most on? Monday. Definitely, Monday. Searching for motivation as you search for your shoes and lost keys. UGH! You just had the best weekend laying on the sofa, watching movies and most importantly, not victim to that evil time clock.

What we tend to forget, because we are only human, is the gratefulness that should come with each waking morning… Monday included. Society tells us that Monday’s are tough. Monday’s are the start of a long, tiring, trying work week ahead. Cue the lightbulb over the head thing… Here’s an idea… what if we flipped society’s norm around, upside down even? What if we realized that our 5:00am alarm was our wake-up call… and I don’t mean wake-up and roll out of bed like a zombie call. I mean a time that we wake up ready to take charge of our lives? Wake up to be in power of new decisions? Wake up to pursue our passion over our favorite cup of hot coffee? Waking up, physically, is a privilege some don’t have today. Waking up emotionally and intellectually is something even less have even as they are still physically awake. Make this Monday your day to choose to see things through a different lens. Use this Monday to start something new. Update your outlook and the world in front of you suddenly becomes less about monotony and more about a sea of possibilities. What will you do today that will add value to your life? You are in charge of your own life and you should wake up today (and tomorrow) fully owning that ideal. The choices you make today will impact where you stand tomorrow. Don’t let another Monday pass with you sitting in front of your life story, create it! I promise you the reward is worth every ounce of energy. Mondays are just as good a day as any to write your script and pursue what you are made to be.

Cat is a firm believer in a passionate approach to life and all things in it. With her outlook and skill, she can help bring your passions and dreams to reality. Contact Cat today to collaborate on your next big idea and let your business, and personal, life take flight!


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