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Living Your Life With Purpose: Manifesting Your Goals

Did you know that you manifest your own destiny? I mean, I’m sure you’ve heard that before, but how much of your life have you actually applied that theory? Think about it: the choices you make, big and small, create a chain reaction for everything that unfolds on your life’s path. Everyone’s goals and aspirations are different, therefore, all of our paths are unique, but the manifestation of our best life is tied to the same basic ideas.

Understanding your goals matter

Most of us want the same feelings in life: happiness, peace stability and love. What does that look like for you exactly? Maybe you are a planner and have all of your life goals written out in checklist form on a rose-gold bound notebook, or maybe you flip-flop between ideas and visions, or maybe you have no idea what you want to do with your life yet and are still trying to navigate your path to better understanding. No matter where you are in your journey, no step is incorrect, and no season is irrelevant. For me, I knew I always loved writing, but I never knew what that looked like career wise. I spent many years working in customer care jobs that I enjoyed, but knew there was something about them that just didn’t feel right. It wasn’t until 3 years ago that I realized my purpose in life was to write, and in even less time than that, I realized, that sharing my writing with the world was what gives me fulfillment. The closer you get to understanding your goals and journey the more uncomfortable you feel in settings and seasons that aren’t fully for you. After a while, you get to a point where you leap. You jump headfirst into your goals and understand that no amount of effort is too much to put forth to living your dream. If you haven’t yet determined your goals start by writing down a list of what makes you the happiest. Target careers and paths that lift up your heart and you will move in the direction of living your best life.

Daily habits matter

Once you understand your goals you need to evaluate your daily habits. What are you doing daily for your goals? What are you doing that hinders your growth? Be honest with yourself when contemplating these questions. I promise your goals won’t do the work required of you to reach them. You need to understand that every single thing you do affects your life in some way. Set aside time to work toward your goals. Set aside time to work on growing into the best version of you. Once you work on your goals and yourself, simultaneously, you are bound to win. Daily growth and positive choices allow your dreams to take flight. Consistent work allows you to share your dreams with the world.

Shattering the rose-colored glasses ideal matters

Let’s take a step back and be brutally honest for a minute: shit happens. Falling down is inevitable. Roadblocks are going to spring up when you feel like you’re on the brink of winning. How you react to those tough times defines your course. When you’re hit with a punch to the gut do you ever step back for a second and think, “maybe that was supposed to happen?” It’s hard for anyone to look at negative situations in a positive light, especially when they’re happening to you, but some good can come from examining the bad that happens too. Plus, tough times make those highlights a bit sweeter, right? Don’t set impossible standards for yourself and stop thinking that things are supposed to go perfectly every single day. Instead of letting tough times define you, use them to tell your story.

The vision you have for your life is something that you are in control of. Make choices that work for your season of life and cut out the outside noise. Following your heart does wonders for the soul, I can attest to that. When you find yourself in a valley keep pushing forward and understand that the peak is on the horizon. Your goals are in your hands so use every day to manifest your own destiny.


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