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From A Dream to A Dream Business

Do you ever find yourself waffling between your corporate 9 to 5 and your big dreams of creating your own schedule, working on your own terms and following your own purpose? Are you struggling to figure out the pieces to make it turn from a pipe dream to your actual reality? You know what you want to pursue, you have an end goal of what equals your perfect job but you’re unsure how to get there, right? You know you’re great at the job you want but not exactly sure how to market yourself across social media platforms or reach your consumers so that you’re not only living your dream job but also making a living from it. I understand. Most of us have been there at one point or another in our own personal journeys. Whether your dream is to open a restaurant that showcases your love of your culture or you’d like to be an author writing romance novels based on all the love stories you’ve experienced (or wished you had). We all have a dream. We all have a purpose and a passion that we were made to chase and attain. The difference between where you are now and where you’d like to be is encompassed by two key factors: the drive to make it happen and the tools necessary to get there.

When thinking about your drive know that it is directly intertwined with your passion. For anything to turn into positive results work is required. What is your driving force to cross the finish line on your career goal? Define your drive early, remind yourself of it daily and never lose sight of you “why”. Your “why” often drives you to make sound choices. Your “why” could be anything from personal freedoms, to work/life balance to living in your favorite location. Your “why” is worth it. Dive in!

The biggest piece of the puzzle that helps you reach your “why” is the tools needed to get there. In the world we currently live in, a lot of tools required are virtually driven- from social media platform presence to branding. Do you have the right tools? It’s okay if you don’t as long as you can connect to the right people to provide those tools for you. Collaboration leads to success. I can help you navigate the world of social media for your company and help you create and maintain your brand voice. I am open to a variety of niches and have the experience it takes to leverage your dream into a company that you have always wanted. Contact Cat today for all the content you need to turn your dream into your dream business.


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