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#FridayFeature: In Awe Fitness, Killeen, TX

There is little I love more than girl power. I’ve never called myself a feminist, in fact, the term makes me cringe a little. What I do know though is that I am all about supporting organizations that push the limits for females, place us in a class of our own, challenge us and make us better as women, mothers, teachers, leaders and trailblazers. There is nothing more empowering than women supporting other women, am I right, ladies?

With her tough exterior and a heart of gold, Amber Williams, owner and head trainer at In Awe Fitness, is the epitome of girl power. Speaking from a personal level I can say that she, and her team of #fitchics, have changed my life in ways I did not think possible. Amber, and her training partner, Britni, started an online fitness community, just for women, that has quickly spread across the nation. There, they help you set goals, give you the tools needed to conquer them and then send you on your way, with strong accountability and firm rules in toe, to set your own personal fitness world on fire in an effort to take back your health. The best part? It’s 100% online fitness training by professionals. You have your own personal training team in the palm of your hand on your mobile device. Yes, you need the gym, a legit tracking system for your food and exercise, as well as a plan to conquer the grocery aisles, but everything else is right in your grasp- literally.

Amber and Britni call their tribe the #fitchics. Now the definition around a #fitchic can be a bit subjective, but ultimately a #fitchic is a female who makes time in her daily life to be a healthier, fitter version of herself in both the gym and the kitchen. Each #fitchic stays accountable for their meal plans and workouts based on the specific fitness program she is a part of and sets goals with her coach for the upcoming weeks, months and years. In Awe Fitness provides women with specific meal plans and fitness logs to track progress and stay focused on their own personal journey. There is also around-the-clock accountability from the In Awe coaches, catching you in moments that you are on the cusp of slipping. #Fitchic nation is filled with women from across the world, at all different levels of fitness and health, pursuing different goals and dreams. What keeps them together then you ask? It’s a big support system filled with encouragement, coaching, motivation and straightforward lessons. The success stories that have come out of In Awe Fitness, since its launch, speak for themselves.

Want to learn more about this female powerhouse of a team that helped me drop over 50 lbs. since January? (YES, 50!) Reach out to Amber and Britni today to join the squad and start your journey to be the fittest version of yourself. Trust me, these women are game changers, ladies!

Interested in being spotlighted on an upcoming #FridayFeature right here on my blog to gain some extra exposure and grow your following? Shoot me a message and let’s connect!

Happy Friday!

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