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Establish a Brand Voice: Be You in a World Full of Them

In a world where making your mark is on the top of everyone’s “to-do” list, sometimes we find ourselves scrambling for the right way to speak up and let our thoughts and feelings show through. Have you ever experienced this either personally or professionally?

Do you realize that the same is true when speaking to brand presence across almost every perspective market? Think about it for a second. What differentiates brands within the same industry? I know what you’re thinking… there’s a lot! Consider this: What makes you shop there? Do you relate to their ideals and find peace in their operations or customer care initiatives? Whether or not you consciously notice it, all brands have a voice. All brands speak to something that they believe in and something they want you to believe in too. They sell their services and products using their best words and best voices. Some speak louder than others to you, right? To find your footing in a sea of consumer-based services you need to be heard. You need to define yourself early and stay confident and true to your brand voice. Whether you are a start up company or someone who has been in the game for a while this is at the utmost of importance and should, too, be on the top of your list of things to do.

Brand voices are “heard” through the highest-level marketing techniques, through e-mail and social media campaigns to a brand specific blog that speaks to your customer base, both current and prospective. Do you have an established brand voice? What is your voice telling your clients and consumers? Your voice drives the success of you and your business so be sure to speak up for the people in the back!

Contact Cat today for assistance in establishing your brand voice and presence across social media platforms. Cat is well versed in blogging, content creation and copy writing for numerous markets and looks forward to helping you establish yourself in your niche.


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